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That’s all what Lilith dreamt about for years. She’ll never forget her father’s sacrifice, and her mother’s mistakes. Her small village turning into ashes in mere hours.

It was a normal day, her and her father laughing, her platinum blonde hair flowing freely in the wind behind her as the wind picked up from the south, making the air warm. She looked up at her father, then ask in the most innocent voice a seven year old could make “Father, do you think this season will be a good one?” Her father looked down at her, sporting his dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. He rubbed his scruffy chin and leaned down towards the sprouting green beans. “It looks like it’ll be the best one yet sweetie. We could only hope the neighbors chicks stay out.”
“Emmy told me that if you put down the really strong smelling spices, the chickens will stay away cause’ it hurts their noses!”
“Well, Emmy might be onto something.” Her father said will a chuckle. “We should go and tend to the horses now, I bet, uhm..” He scratched his head, trying to remember the new colts name. “Beanie?” Lilith said, excitedly. “Yes! Beanie! I bet he misses you!” Lilith laughs as her father picks her up and sat her on his shoulders. Her small, dirt covered feet dangled as they walked towards the stables. The horses huffed and made noises with their noses as Lilith was set down and walked towards them. For some reason, most of the horses seemed to like her more than her father. She ran up to a certain stall, Peeking her face through the bars to see Beanie, a beautiful tan and white spotted colt with a black and brown male. He was just born last year, but he seemed to be growing up so fast to Lilith. She tended to his stall, with help from her father, and before they knew it the sun was already setting. Her father sighed, and wiped the sweat from his brow, before washing his hands in a nearby basin connect to the wall near the entrance. “Do you wanna stay up a little bit longer to make sure the chicks stay inside for an hour or two?” Lilith perked up at his offer, it wasn’t often she got to stay up with dad. Her mom was returning from a nearby city with one of the horses from selling that seasons earlier harvest, so she wasn’t going to be back til much later.

Time went by quickly, the stars in the sky were shining magically, twinkling ever so slightly. Lilith looked up into the sky with her bright green eyes, starting to get tired. Lilith heard yelling in the distance, and so did her father. He quickly grabbed his hatchet and grabbed Lilith closely. “Go into the stables, and hide. You’re good at hide and seek, Right?”
“Good. Go, stay safe please.” Lilith ran into the stables without a second thought, and hid in Beanie’s stables. She heard her father close and lock the stables door. Lilith quickly realised the only way out was through the door, hidden behind a stack of hay that she could just barely squeeze through. She heard her father yelling, screaming out in pain. She also heard her mom screaming, but couldn’t hear through the wooden walls. She looked back at beanie, knowing that something bad was going on. She pushed the hay stacks just enough that beanie could squeeze through. She then ran to the other side, unlocking the main door from the inside. She Prepared the fastest horse, A black one with gray spots on his hide, for a ride. She sneaked out and under the cover of darkness, she saw her father and mother surrounded by a group of men on horses. Her father had a bloody nose and a swollen lip. Her mother seemed to be bloody all over. Her blonde hair completely covered in it. Lilith ran inside as quietly as she could, and packed as much as she could carry, a hairbrush, 3 apples, and a journel with a pen. She put on a jacket and grabbed a jug of water, knowing she would have to run. She ran back to the stable, just in time to see smoke coming from the nearby village. She thought of Emmy, hoping her friend was alright. She grabbed a lead on the was and attached it to Beanie, she tied him the the other horse she got ready and got a saddle bag and put her items inside. She opened the main entrance, hoping it didn’t creak.

It did.

She heard yelling, and quickly got on her horse and trotted off to the nearby forest, knowing it was too dark for anyone to see. She untied her horses, tearing up a little. Knowing she can’t leave her family behind
“Go, run as far away as you can”
Beanie huffed in protest
“Please, run”
The older one seemed to know what was going on, and walked calmly deep into the forest,  Beanie following behind.
Lilith ran back to the stable, only to see the horses were released and the building on fire, the heat and smell of smoke hit her all at once. She ran in the direction of her house, only to see smoke pouring out the broken windows. She gazed at the town, to see everyone’s houses ablaze.

She heard laughing behind her. Before she knew it, she was knocked into the flames of her house with a powerful shove from a large man, atop a white stallion, he was in red and black robes. Her jacket caught on fire and she tried to take it off, only to realise her hair was also singeing. Before anyone could do anything, half of Lilith's body was on fire,

But everything went to black

The next thing she remembered, was waking up in a large, luxurious room, seemed to be a castle bedroom. Lilith had only seen rooms like these in story books with pictures at Emmy’s house, then she remembered that Emmy was probably gone. The door to her left creaked open, and a woman with a long, elegant wavy red and black dress, came over and sat on the edge of the bed, looking Lilith in the eyes. Lilith then realised she was only seeing out of one eye, she tried to lift up her right arm only to feel an unimaginable pain than anything lilith had every felt. She looked down, only to see her arm was noticeably smaller than before. Then the woman spoke up
“We got to you in time and clean you up so that any infections were minor, I thought you weren’t going to make it, we all did, but here you are.” there was a long pause before Lilith spoke up. “Is.. Beanie okay..? And Winston..?” She asked as she tried to sit up. “Where’s my mom and dad..?”
“Is the cute colt and black stallion yours, sweetie?”
“We found them in the woods, not that far from the town, they seemed to be waiting for you.”
“Are they here?”
“Yes, but before you can see them you need to recover. And.. you probably won’t look the same again. You were the only survivor besides the horses and a few stray dogs.”
“How bad do I look..?”
“You’ll see in a few days”

Lilith hasn’t forgotten that day. She still has no idea who the woman really is who saved her. After two long years of recovery, she immediately started training to repay the miss, known only as Lady Red.
A little back story to one of my characters <3 just a rough draft


No journal entries yet.


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